Adding comments

Disqus comments allow users to use the same account for every blog they visit. They are pretty popular, so there's a good chance they will provide a superior experience to your visitors - by not requiring them to create yet another account.

To get your API key you should go to and register your website. If you already have an account, you can log-in to make it the primary moderator. You can then go to and create a new application. Fill out the form and submit it. You can then click on "details" to find your app's API key.

Then `pip install django-disqus` and add 'disqus' to your `INSTALLED_APPS` in Don't forget to use `pip freeze > requirements.txt`. You also need to provide your API key and website shortname (this is your subdomain for the moderator dashboard). The two variables are called `DISQUS_API_KEY` and `DISQUS_WEBSITE_SHORTNAME`. For details check out the documentation of django-disqus.

Adding the comments is then just a matter of putting `{% load disqus_tags %}` at the top of your template and `{% disqus_show_comments %}` wherever you want them to appear.

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