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I'm mostly interested in technology, science and nature.

  • Adding comments

    This post describes how to add Disqus comments to a Django application and covers everything from creating your API key to integrating them in your template.

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  • Adding RSS Feeds

    How to add an RSS feed to a Django application. Feeds are important for personal, possibly rarely updated sites.

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  • Selling your spare GPU time

    How I bought my domain name, why Bitcoin is beautiful and what tools I'm using to get a very simple and hassle-free access to both a wallet and a mining pool.

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  • The Slug that flew South

    Migrating to slugs (a newspaper term) for SEO-friendly URLs. We will be using South for schema and data migration, which is a really nice way to keep your code and database in sync.

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  • Django development on Heroku

    In this post I describe the technologies I'm trying to learn through this blog, as well as the basic setup of my development environment.

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