Welcome, traveler!

Nice to meet you! This site hosts my personal blog, you may wish to check it out - it's a custom application where I describe the process of building it. The other app is the drawing service, which allows you to choose random winners from a list of participants for free (i.e. acts as a trusted third party).

I'm a passionate developer, I've been programming as long as I can remember - it started with Windows 3.11 and QBASIC in first grade. Since then I learned about many different programming languages and paradigms - Assembly (x86 and MIPS), C, C++, Java, C# (main language), PHP, Python (second main), PowerShell and a little bit of Ruby and JavaScript. I also know Haskell (I picked it as my first functional programming language because of its purity) and F# (has access to the .NET class library and is heavily influenced by OCaml - another great FP language). I have a certificate for T-SQL, but I also know ANSI SQL and PL/SQL. I'm also ITIL-certified. If you want to see my C# code, you can check out HTML++. I'm posting about the Python code of this blog while I'm building it.

It has been my life-long dream to understand computers on all abstraction levels, which means I'm naturally interested in hardware, even though I have never been exceptionally good with a soldering iron - I enjoy reading about pipelining, jump prediction, virtual memory, caching schemes, virtualization, transport buses, networks and basically everything I can find on how modern computers work. I have been tinkering with a Teensy 3.0 - an Arduino-compatible development board with a 48MHz ARMv7 MCU.

I speak Bulgarian (native), German (DSD Stufe II), English and I'm currently learning Russian.

You may contact me on any of my profiles on the right. For NoScript users, my E-Mail is my nickname from the other profiles at the mail provider from the button icon.